Sierra cuts off X11 forwarding over SSH

We use a cluster at the BESSY synchrotron to process data using XDSApp. However, upgrading to macOS Sierra stopped this dead. Logging in to the remote host was fine, but no XDS App appeared. Confounding. The answer is that Sierra moved a component that is involved in X11 window forwarding. The X Window server (ah, SGI) […]

The Watch

There’s a lot of trash talking about Apple’s Watch, because it’s been around for a year. Casey likes it. But other early-adopters who crave new hotness are disappointed. How you feel about the watch naturally depends on what your expectations are, and it certainly depends on your lifestyle. The typical criticisms are that the apps are […]

How to use Xcode as a Python IDE

Regular readers (all three of you) may remember that I have long wrangled with NetBeans for Python coding. Whilst overall the experience is quite good, there are many compromises. These include a lot of monkeying around and wasted effort. Meanwhile, double-clicking any .py file normally brings up a nicely syntax-coloured window in Xcode, Apple’s IDE […]