Counterfeit software

I’m no fan of Windows. But, because some software I have to use (to control laboratory instruments) can only run under Windows, I’m forced to use and maintain machines running Windows 7. It’s not so bad. Seems relatively stable. Doesn’t need too much work. Terrible at many things, ugly, lacking features, yes. But tolerable. But […]

The Disgrace of Microsoft Office

Ben Thompson on the new Cubed Podcast, discussing why web apps took off on PCs, even though they are crap. Because they don’t need to be installed, and they are simplified, they tend to work instantly, and reliably. “People were scared to install apps on the desktop.” They should be. I don’t perhaps have a […]

Amazing – Ballmer doesn’t know what he achieved

The exit of Ballmer is probably long overdue, and may come too late. Mary Jo Foley got a 15 minute interview with Steve Ballmer and has posted the transcript. Most sites have concentrated on Vista as his biggest regret. There is quite some competition for that title. Foley asked Ballmer to name what gave him […]

German government deems Windows 8 an “unacceptable security risk” for enterprise use

Windows 8 will apparently interact with standardized chips in the host machine to control software installations. This backdoor could be used for any purpose, including NSA access. Die Zeit got the scoop that this feature is considered a deal-breaker by the German government. Got to love them for being just about the only ones prepared […]