How it happened

The dust is settling on the US election shitshow. We may never get used to the concept of the Pussygrabber-in-Chief. America, and indeed the world, has much to fear. There have been many awful and naive reports from those who helped make it possible. Kneejerk analysis of “why” are mostly too simplistic to bother with, and have their basis in anger. All right […]

The Watch

There’s a lot of trash talking about Apple’s Watch, because it’s been around for a year. Casey likes it. But other early-adopters who crave new hotness are disappointed. How you feel about the watch naturally depends on what your expectations are, and it certainly depends on your lifestyle. The typical criticisms are that the apps are […]


Wolfgang Tillmanns has made 25 posters against Brexit. They are really good. The practical link between the Brexit and extreme right is well put. Check them out here. The interview with Sean O’Hagan that alerted me, and explains in more detail, is in the Observer. The headline resonated deeply with me. I feel very much […]