Firefox’s PDF disaster

I recently wrote about the queasy feeling I felt when Firefox began spontaneously trying to display PDFs inline. I’ve held my fire until now to give Mozilla a chance to fix the mess. But I’m wondering if Mozilla realize how bad the problem is. Most PDFs (probably about 70% but I’ve given up counting) do […]

Firefox or Chrome?

I am currently testing ways to use the Internet without Flash. In so doing, I am trying different browsers. I tried Chrome when it was launched, but did not like to leave the search engine bar behind, mainly for Pubmed queries. However, it isn’t hard at all to set up Chrome to query Pubmed as […]

Goodbye Flash – not so fast

Well, I’m frustrated. I would like to give up Flash completely. But I can’t be giving up on NPR. I don’t live in the US any more, but I still love to listen to NPR. Usually I listen to Weekend Edition Saturday on a Sunday morning. But I can’t, if I don’t have Flash. Why […]