How it happened

The dust is settling on the US election shitshow. We may never get used to the concept of the Pussygrabber-in-Chief. America, and indeed the world, has much to fear. There have been many awful and naive reports from those who helped make it possible. Kneejerk analysis of “why” are mostly too simplistic to bother with, and have their basis in anger. All right […]

On mange

Hugo Lollies Patrice Eggplant Samuel Halloumi Laurent Cashewnuts Bacary Sahne N’golo Fanta Paul Porkpie Kingsley Cola Antoine Griesbrei Olivier Girofle Dimitri Baguette Subs: Blaise Mushroomy Andre-Pierre Cheese-Snack Can this team of gourmands beat a frozen food supermarket? We shall see.

4 stars

Lufthansa has made a pitch-perfect advert poking fun at German stereotypes and English prejudices. The Guardian reveals some scars, drawing a strange connection about Germany’s 4-1 defeat of England in the 2010 World Cup (which I watched, with naive hope, in a colleague’s garden), barely remembered here. Although, Lampard did score! Jesus the ball can’t […]