Xerox ColorQube MAC Address

We just took receipt of a new solid ink printer from Xerox, which should be more environmentally friendly than our old HP laser. The HP gave up the duplex ghost like last time, having tons of paper jams and misprints and I decided it was too worn out to continue with. The repair I took out 2 years ago hasn’t lasted well. 6 years and it’s printed most of the paper ever generated at work by my group (give or take a few) so it’s not too bad.

The Xerox smells a bit, and it’s relatively noisy. But the printing is super fast and accurate. Strangely, one must wait for half an hour in order to move it after powering down – it has to cool down and vent the ink. Time will tell if it’s ink-cost efficient. But we save energy for sure.

To register on our network I needed the MAC address for the Ethernet adapter of the printer. But it wasn’t that easy to find. I tricked the printer into telling me what it was by asking for the TCP/IP Startup Log. Navigating the printer’s menus, from Troubleshooting > Network Problems > Network Log Pages, I was able to get the printer to give up these 12 vital Hex digits, the entry for HW address.

These are the most elegant printer status pages I have seen. In this aspect it’s not as user friendly as HP- I really expected this information to be under “Printer Information”. But the animated on-screen instructions for how to treat the printer are very clear. The Mac drivers on the supplied disc don’t work under Yosemite – the drivers are here. Installation wasn’t smooth and had to be restarted once because the printer (attached by USB!) couldn’t be found.


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