Forcing Fink Commander to update

Fink Commander is a great graphical interface to Fink, the UNIX package manager for OS X. It’s getting frighteningly old but still works (mostly) well. One wrinkle is that Fink Commander occasionally gets stuck with old table data, and can’t seem to get over it. After finding out that it was much more convenient to install 86 outdated packages from binaries than source, I was left with about 86 outdated packages (according to the Fink Commander table view) even though packages were updated, as seen from their information and the reluctance of Fink to update them further!

At this stage, you don’t trust the tool any more and it is hard to know what to do. “Update table” from the File menu had no effect. A great and simple tip (as previously noted on Serious Piffle for helping Fink Commander get over a Fink reinstall) is to navigate to “Library” in your home directory and delete Fink Commander’s “plist” files:

Library/Application Support/FinkCommander/

Works like a charm! Thanks again to Sourceforge and Alexander Hansen for this perennial tip.


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