Filthy abuse

The obscene abuse Charlotte Church has received following a speech she dared to make last weekend at the Anti-Austerity Rally in London sounds like the muttering of the criminally insane.

Charlotte Church cares, she is intelligent and she is eloquent. She might have profited from her talent but she confounds expectation, being unselfish and speaking up for those in society with fewer advantages than she has. In short, she believes in equality. Her stance frightens some people (mostly men I presume), who shower her with expletive laden messages involving sexually-tainted violence.  Most unfortunately, the lowered barrier to communication (relative anonymity, detachment and distance) provided by the Internet allows these anguished yelps to reach her directly. I hope that Charlotte Church can rise above this utter nonsense and continue.

With GamerGate, one always imagined that the protagonists were stunted boys. But Internet misogyny is too widespread for that, as John Oliver has forcefully laid out. The men who abuse Charlotte Church walk in the streets as apparently normal adults. It’s only in their heads that absolutely vile monologues betray a disgusting attitude which they pour out into the internet at the slightest provocation.

The abuse is unbelievably more concentrated and pornographic in its detail when women speak up. Jeremy Corbyn (my former MP) also made a very forceful speech last Saturday. I may have missed it, but I doubt that anybody threatened to cut off his penis or force something spiky up his rectum. In fact, it’s ridiculous to imagine this kind of response to a political message. Unless, to paraphrase John Oliver,  you lack a Y chromosome. Then it’s normal.


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