Obamaron – What the Folks?

Marc Maron’s interview with Louis CK  (sorry, it’s premium now) was voted the best podcast ever by Slate. It’s unlikely that his meeting with President Obama last week will draw similar accolades. The interview was good, but Marc Maron was necessarily slightly inhibited, compared to his usual frankness. The standard fuckatudinous intro was folksified, much to my amusement. But Marc allowed himself some of his signature “close-to-the-bone” questions and drew some very interesting stuff out of the POTUS. There seems to be a lot of focus on the fact that, in order to discuss the word “nigger” and racism, Obama said the word “nigger”. I must admit I didn’t even notice as I listened, it’s barely worth a shrug for me – he’s entitled to it I believe. I did hear very eloquent and common sense words. President Obama sadly knows very well that racism is still alive and kicking in the U.S.A. #1! #1!

I picked up this same Zero-dollar bill last week in a New York souvenir store, which just about sums it up. Just a bit of fun at President Obama’s expense? Or symptom of a suspicion that goes way beyond Republican vs Democrat? No doubt in my mind – it’s a historical document that I will keep in the hope that one day it seems unthinkably ridiculous.


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