Really Thicke

I’m pretty flabbergasted by the decision that “Blurred Lines” infringed the copyright of Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up”.

It really is mind boggling that Marvin Gaye’s family wanted to compare the two. Gaye’s track is much more smooth and syncopated, compared to the broken robotic charm of Pharell’s number, which rapidly wears thin. The less said about the lyrical content of Blurred Lines, the better. It’s all been said, and it’s really a weird sentiment. But back to the music. Both tracks employ a muted cowbell for emphasis, and have conceptual similarities in crowd-style backing fills and falsetto. Perhaps people that do not really listen to music, but rather just let it wash over them, could find the style similar. But who would want to admit they can’t really hear and understand music? The music made by their world-famous, deceased relative…

“They fought this fight despite every odd being against them,” Busch said of the Gaye family outside court.

10/10 for mangling the English langauge (“the odds” are invariant plural). A most implausible victory, indeed.

Life seems to have caught up with Robin Thicke pretty fast. He had to admit he had little to do with writing the song, and now is sued for damages. His poorly-received album dedicated to his estranged wife, released last year, suggested that his composition skills won’t be paying any of these bills. Still, he’ll always have those awesome Samsung adverts to look back on.


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