A less sexist Lego

Lego seems to have drawn quite some derision about it’s male-focused sets, and its rather sad pink Friends range, including from its target audience. The advertising films that Lego now produces in volume (some of which are truly amazing) have also until now reflected a completely marginal role for women- either arranging flowers, putting on lipstick or being rescued- in Lego City. Possibly responding to criticism about the lack of female mini figures, Lego released a female themed scientist set last year, which still drew criticism because of the details of the depiction of the scientists. The new Lego City sets for 2015 feature many more female characters. Most sets with more than one figure seem to be 33% women. What’s more, in the short films, the women are more involved in the action, both chasing crooks and being crooks, rather than just standing by.

As the father of a Lego-loving boy, I’m very glad to see that the gender balance is now much more appropriate. Fewer beards, more ponytails!


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