Peer to Peer Airplay via Bluetooth

Some good news and some bad news.

In our meeting today, the lab iPad connected automatically to the Mac Mini (running AirServer) and allowed AirPlay mirroring of its screen. Useful in itself, we were surprised to see that Dropbox was not up to date. Why not? No internet connection, because Wifi was turned off on the Mac Mini.

To my considerable surprise, AirPlay was supported over Bluetooth, peer to peer. No need for Wifi. That’s the good news.

The bad news, was that the connection was poor and the updating of the mirrored screen wasn’t anything like fast enough. It wasn’t possible to revert to Airplay over Wifi. I’m not sure if this is a deficit of AirServer, or a problem with the iPad.

The peer-to-peer AirPlay in iOS 8 won’t be like this. Bluetooth will be used for discovery only. Which is a relief.


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