Peer to peer AirPlay with Apple TV coming in iOS8

The most popular page on this site by far is the brief explanation of how to use AirServer on a Mac Mini to make an AirPlay host that needs no WiFi network.The popularity of this information suggests to me that at least a few people are trying to do that. In the latest version of iOS, Apple addresses exactly the problem that we faced in performing AirPlay-we don’t want to get involved with our corporate wireless network. Devices running iOS8 in future will be able to address Apple TVs without a WiFi network, on a peer-to-peer ad hoc basis.

Our setup remains more convenient for the use case in question, because the iDevice gets a free ride onto our corporate network via the elegant “Internet Connection Sharing” option, and thus a connection to sync with Dropbox. This sync is essential for dragging down multiple users’ files. But this is a very simple fix (conceptually, I have no idea about the code complexity and don’t want to imply that it’s trivial) that will benefit many users.

The updates to OSX and iOS in general look very exciting.



One thought on “Peer to peer AirPlay with Apple TV coming in iOS8

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