More on Altmetrics

Following up from a blog post here on Serious Piffle last year, I wrote a longer piece with my former mentor, David Colquhoun, with a further skeptical perspective on altmetrics.

Why you should ignore altmetrics and other bibliometric nightmares 

This piece was turned down by the journals Science, Nature and eLife, for various reasons. However, it has gotten some attention on the DCScience blog, from The Economist (‘Writing worth reading‘), and naturally on Twitter. Jason Priem (who initially coined the term altmetrics) has replied at the impact story blog, and Euan Adie (CEO of left some comments.

Two aspects of these responses are striking: their politenesss – and the absence of any serious rebuttal of our criticisms. Altmetric measures in their current form seem flawed, and not useful for evaluating scientific output. 



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