Retina Macbook cured of battery woe?

I’ve just put the latest SMC update on my MacBook with Retina Display yesterday. This update fixes “rare issues” when the battery goes to less than 1%. Well, this occurrence may be rare on a computer-to-computer basis, but it happened every single time with the machine I’m using now. As below, using the awesome MenuMeters to monitor the 4 cores:


It’s ironic how blurry this picture is. Note the red-lined battery next to my crude redaction. This snap was made immediately after opening the case, with the power cord in, following a long discharge under sleep conditions. Usually I would use “Grab” to get a screenshot. But you need some processor resources for that…

It’s probably too much to ask that battery life in general improves (it’s the worst tradeoff of the Retina Display, understandable and I accept it) but I was very glad to see that the 2-minute-hang upon wake after a full discharge has gone away! To test it, I unplugged the power and waited for a shutdown. I’ll have to try more conditions, but immediately that the screen went off, I plugged in the power cord, and within a second or two, got back to work with normal processor load (~15% across all cores).

Why did it take so long to address this problem, I wonder?



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