Removing a JDK on Mountain Lion

Still on the hunt for a good solution to the Retina MacBook, Netbeans and JDK dilemma, I tried to upgrade and then downgrade my JDK. I have been using the 1.8 Early Access release from Open JDK and went for the latest build (at the time of writing b109, sorry the link is weak). Scrolling was still rather poor and the lagginess of the text input is astonishingly bad. It’s almost unusable for me. I haven’t been coding because of these near fatal performance deficits. The opposite of what an IDE is supposed to achieve!

Following Lee Powers, I tried to downgrade. It’s easy to get an old JDK from Apple (e.g. 1.6). But this framework is too old for NetBeans post-7.2, and the current Python plugin from Deadlock needs 1.7 , even under Netbeans 7.2.1. So this solution has rotted away since Lee’s post last year, if you want to use Netbeans for Python coding.

I then tried to revert to 1.7, which is reportedly fixed for Retina in terms of blurriness. But I couldn’t remove 1.8!

I couldn’t find it. It should have been under


But it wasn’t there! I could change the JDK with the Java_home command (e.g. to 1.7u25 which I remembered I had installed) but without spitting, it flipped straight back to 1.8.0. So I knew 1.7u25 was there. After a lot of headscratching and trying to change with Java_home, I realised that these JVMs were hidden in the Finder. Thanks so much. Is that Apple helping me?

So I did what a good boy should have done in the first place, which is:

cd /System/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/ 
sudo rm -rf jdk1.8.0.jdk

and subsequently I had the use of Java JDK 1.7u40. The blurriness is fixed, and scrolling is acceptable. But on my machine, the text input in Netbeans 7.4 RC2 remains glacial – it’s unusable.


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