Alain Braxe and Fred Falke

A recent visit to France inspired me to check up on Alain Braxe and Fred Falke. The magic of Spotify brought me to a fantastic remix of Hot Chip’s “Colours” that FF made. 

But even better are two videos from Future Music. In the first, Alain Braxe shows how simply he made “Intro” and “Running” using a programmable sampler. It’s quite mesmeric. In the second, Fred Falke builds an entire track from scratch over the course of about an hour. He’s super entertaining, seems like a great guy. A couple of times he charmingly scraps something after about 3 seconds -saying “it’s boring”, but later he is very proud of the idea that the loops he has built from raw samples sound like loops sampled from vinyl. It’s true – they always did sound that way to me. It’s fantastic.



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