How to rejuvenate a HP CP2025dn printer

Since I started in Germany, I’ve had one printer in my office. It’s the printer for our workgroup so gets reasonably heavy usage. About 3 months ago, it lost the ability to print more than one page in a row. It would regularly do a “Misprint” and waste paper and toner. It made printing a 20 page document into a nightmare. Invariably at the end of the day when I wanted to leave.

The HP help is kind of useless – it tells you that this error comes from using paper that is not good enough, and to Press OK to clear the message. Wow that’s helpful (the printer itself suggests the same remedy). As we had just recently changed paper brand, I considered this point. But I thought, well, this problem is going to recur, I’ve had the printer for 5 years…get a new one. I started to search for a new printer. You know, a good one in the 1k range.

But something nagged. A colleague with the same printer mentioned the same problem. Then I found out that this error arises from an excessive delay in taking the 2nd and subsequent sheets of paper during a long print job. The paper fails to arrive in time. Quite a different problem from what I imagined. I found some shreds of paper inside the paper path and put two and two together to make 5. I was exultant but after a brief resurgence of about 8 minutes, the misprints were back, with a vengeance. At the last gasp, I found an amazingly informative YouTube video from a printer shop, IPSLaserExpress. In this video, they show the relatively easy job of replacing the “Pick Rollers”. These pick up the paper from the tray. But you would never, ever be able to replace them from first principles, without the help in this video. Similar hints are available here, but in a more cryptic form, and without any of the essential insights. Unsurprisingly, the 5-year-old pick rollers from my CP 2025 had rubber like Rhino hide on them. I got hold of the spares (a tad overpriced perhaps?) and popped them in.

Hallelujah! Like new.


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