JDK and the Retina Display Dilemma

So, JDK 7 installs fine and allows Netbeans versions post-7.2 to update. Good news. But JDK 7 is awful on a Retina display, with all content (including text) coming through blurry. This well-documented deficit is not to be fixed in JDK 7 but is addressed by JDK 8, which is now available as a “feature-complete” Beta. What isn’t so well documented, but not surprising, is that scrolling is laggy and clunky in JDK 8. Why not surprising? Well pushing a lot of pixels, and there are noticeable creaky aspects to even iTunes animations on Retina Macbooks compared to non-Retina (compare side by side in an Apple concession if you don’t believe me). But the clunkiness of the JDK is quite noticeably bad, to the extent that it affects usability.

So, sir, what’s it to be? Blurry, or claggy?


2 thoughts on “JDK and the Retina Display Dilemma

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