More like Rated R

Science PG? That would be Science Publishing Group. Obnoxious incrap from this publisher suggests a broad gamut of possible academic activities from submit paper, to organize conference, to become editorial board member.

In order to further strengthen the advanced theory exchanging in medical field, SciencePG now sincerely invites every expert to submit esteemed manuscripts to the journals which you prefer on Science PG’s website.

The website is full of empty buzzphrases (“Your academic achievement center” – yuck). A quick check of some of the papers in the “European Journal of Biophysics” – my field of interest – shows that quality control might be a concern. Papers are written in a similar pseudo_English to the entreaty above, and are, to my eye, tangential and minor. Although undoubtedly sincere, the work is closer in spirit to undergraduate lab reports than significant additions to the literature. Of course, authors are charged anything up to 500USD for copy-editing, which seems like bad value for money when you consider that the copy editing evidently isn’t being done by someone with a basic qualification in English.

The question is: why give these people your money? PeerJ anyone?


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