Can’t see the Struggle

There’s a lot of truth in this post by Nick Bilton. But the title is, as so often for the Times, a complete cop-out. The thrust of the article is that Microsoft doesn’t have a clue about how to go forwards from Windows. The problem is, that the title states Microsoft is struggling to do something about it. Come on Nick, you’re being way too kind. They aren’t. They’re just muddling through. They released a half-baked, over-complicated mess of a new operating system, Windows 8, only last year. A kind-of-computer that few people could understand. Their cloud services have nutty limitations. As with Windows 7, lots of silly conditions and punitive measures for non-enterprise users (who get off with, well, just a shitty operating system).

Microsoft has done great with the X Box, and unfortunately they aren’t going to run out money soon because their services and server business is solid. But let’s admit now, they don’t have a clue about the post-PC world, and reorganizing isn’t going to help. Their efforts in this respect rely on incumbency and idiocy. The very definition of the wildly-popular, present day consumer computing experience is – “What doesn’t Microsoft get?”

Few people will miss Windows when it’s gone. It’s easier (and in some cases, cheaper) to upgrade to a Mac than to upgrade Windows, even more so to switch to an iPad. People use Windows *even though it was awful* rather than *because it was great*. And that’s just not going to cut it, any more.


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