If you have an iPhone, do yourself a favour and watch the video about iOS7. In the house style, there are plentiful references to novelty and transformative design. But I think that the redesign will have broad influence.

The combination of parallax with the accelerometer will transform interaction, and will be a must have on all phones from now on. At least, the major manufacturers will try to implement it. How easy it will be to skin Android in a uniform way to bring these kind of effects in, I don’t know. I think it’s a major refinement of the touchscreen, and given how hard it will be to copy well, a monstrously clever strategy from Apple, as well as being beautiful. This approach, combined with depth layers to inform hierarchy, moves this operating system to the next level. It’s orthogonal to the ideas of garnish- such as fake page turns and leather-effects- that became widely derided as “skeuomorphism“.  Functional advantages derive from the new 3-D model because it’s dynamic rather than static as the majority of linen effects.

Other system based improvements, like better access to common controls (also through Siri – an absolute no-brainer) fix some of the largest complaints. No wonder the WWDC keynote was so bullish – all of these ideas have been developed in the last 12 months, and have been implemented well indicating great vitality within the company and the desire to innovate. The latest Macbook Airs look unbelievably good as well- combining great performance from solid-state architecture with unheard of battery life for a simple consumer device.

Exciting times.


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