Non-stop sexism from Lufthansa

Last year, Lufthansa had to pull a sexist postal advertising campaign (sorry the article is in German). Today on my way home, my jaw literally dropped when I saw the following advert:


Sun for mummy, savings for daddy, stracciatella for me.

Today in the UK, Vicky Price’s “marital coercion” defence was laughed out of court, and called a relic of a bygone age. On the other hand, here is an advert that assumes a  woman’s place is in the home. Is Lufthansa stuck in the 1950s, or is it Germany?


2 thoughts on “Non-stop sexism from Lufthansa

  1. It is hard for me to comment on this topic without sentimental involvement. There are many barriers that we need to break. Still. One may think the comment in this add is casual, but sadly it isn’t. In many “first-world” cultures, women are still under a huge social pressure: if they decide to be mothers, they MUST be “perfect” mothers. And a “perfect-mother” stays full time at home. Apparently this is the only way to have a “perfect” child. I don’t agree, of course. I am not a feminist. I am an equalist. And I believe in freedom of choice and respect. In any aspect of life.

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