Apple tax cut

People always talk about the Apple Tax. That is, you just pay more, just because it’s Apple. Since I switched in about 2005, I haven’t cared. My view is Macs are easier to use, easier to manage and better built. I don’t mind paying more.

But whilst researching Macbook Airs for friends who are considering it as a Windows ultrabook, I noticed that a top-spec Air is cheaper than the equivalent Asus Zenbook X31. Not just in Germany, in the UK too. The Asus is an ultrabook that apes the Air. Comes with Windows 8.

So the Air is better built, looks better, has a higher resale value, has a better operating system, and its cheaper. It’s enough to make you think the PC industry might be in trouble (via Daring Fireball).


One thought on “Apple tax cut

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