Three-way race but the fight is for second place

Desperately trying to manufacture a new story about tablets for Christmas, Charles Arthur bends over backwards to equate the iPad with the rest.

The broad strokes picture presented is that small tablets from Amazon and Google set the market on fire. But the iPad (in it’s various incarnations) has always been and continues to be the king (via Daring Fireball, of course).

I got a tablet for Christmas, not an iPad, but….

I don’t think that there’s any reason to think that Twitter users are more likely to get an iPad, or that iPad buyers are more likely to use Twitter (or know what it is). But tweetscraping only reflects usage, so other tablets’ low numbers may simply reflect disappointment, or a usability deficit in getting to Twitter.

Arthur gets one thing spot on. No, not the reuse of the snap of Japanese girls with iPad minis on release day (yawn). Rather, Microsoft would have saved a lot by just not bothering with the Surface.


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