New Berlin Airport will arrive even later, lack check-in counters

The shameful story of the new Berlin Brandenburg International airport, already grossly delayed, and currently due to open in October 2013, continues to amaze. Now, contractors have refused to begin work again, because they doubt the solvency of the airport corporation (exclusive in the Tagesspiegel). 2014 looks a better bet now.

What’s more, the airport that is being built almost certainly lacks capacity.  The pesky Brandenburg CDU fraction has commissioned a report from an airport expert (the extravagantly monikered Dieter Faulenbach da Costa). The report is highly critical, pointing out that BBI will have fewer check in desks than similar airports, and only about 2/3 of the number of currently available check in desks at Tegel and Schoenefeld combined.

The two Berlin airports are both small and convenient. They are a breeze. BBI – if it ever opens – will be anything but.

See also – summary in English (the Local).


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