Microsoft Fix it? Forget it

I am a trusting soul. So when presented with the following opportunity:

 Microsoft Fix it: “With one click, diagnose and repair problems.”

I really thought – perhaps they really can do this. They worked out new ways to find and fix problems. They have worked hard on this to make my experience with Windows 7 better. I should give this a try…

There was a brief break whilst  Downloading Microsoft Fix it engine. Then a confusing window: Title: Windows Update, but also with the Fix it badge. Is this part of Fix it? Part of Update?



Then this screen for about 10 minutes….and finally:


Processed. Absolutely no indication of what has been done.

There’s so much wrong with this system that I don’t know where to start. I guess that there is something wrong with my machine that can’t be fixed? Or it could be that the “fix it” was irrelevant. Microsoft Fix it is a compendium of 300 problem solvers. So it all rather depends on how the right solver is chosen. Of course, I didn’t get options. So this was another 30 minutes of totally wasted time with Windows 7. It’s frightening to think how much time and bandwidth is wasted by this useless functionality. Jack Schofield’s blog emphasises that it is free. I question the relevance of this point. The operating system was paid for. If it doesn’t function and needs to be fixed, why should we celebrate that this service doesn’t cost money? Some people may have broken their Windows installation, but I’m sorry, I think that most of the problems arise due to the poor quality of the original product.

After some detective work, I’m quite sure that one problem is that we don’t have Service Pack 1 installed, because another update has failed. Here’s Microsoft’s explanation for this kind of problem.

 I tried to install updates but one or more didn’t get installed.

  • Did you try the update again manually? There are some errors that are just a matter of bad timing, and they can be caused by busy websites, overworked Internet connections, or a number of other factors. These problems can sometimes be corrected by trying to update again. Here’s how to check for updates manually:

Come on! A number of other factors are the main cause- lack of robustness in the download process, bugs in the update process, bugs in the operating system itself lack of flexibility in downloading dependencies that are missing. The internet isn’t to blame (Apple doesn’t have this problem).

Also, looking at this page on a Mac:

System Tip: This article applies to a different operating system than the one you are using. Article content that may not be relevant to you is disabled.

[emphasis mine]

That’s very useful. If I want to use my Mac to help me find information to fix an ailing PC, any information that might help is disabled. No option to change that.

In summary, yet more frustration, yet more time wasted, no solution.


6 thoughts on “Microsoft Fix it? Forget it

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