That would be a Start

From the front page of a local computer reseller:

“Buy a Windows-8 Notebook, and put the Start Button back”

“Free: USB Stick with App.”

Not that Windows 8 is a design disaster that nobody understands, or anything like that. I suppose the last version that people actually wanted was Win XP? That was such a relief after Windows Me. This put me in mind to give a very subjective view of how I rate the various historical windows operating systems (the ones that I know of).

Windows 3.1 – Not bad, a bit limited.

Windows 95 – Pretty Cool, considering it was running on top of DOS.

Windows 98 – Tolerable, much less good than 95.

Windows ME – Painful asphyxiation.

Windows NT – Nice, as long as you were not interested in multimedia, in which case, forget it.

Windows 2000 – Genuinely brilliant. Probably Microsoft’s best work. The solidity and reliability of NT but able to work with media. Nobody seems to remember it. The closest that MS has come to OS X levels of useability and reliability.

Windows XP – Good, even very good at times. Still works.

Windows Vista – Not an operating system.

Windows 7 – Acceptable recovery, still some ridiculous things.

Windows 8 – Hmm is there a new version of Windows out?



3 thoughts on “That would be a Start

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