Would you like me to silently set a nonsensical proxy?

Internet explorer > Internet options > Connections > LAN settings > Proxy server > , port 8080


In this manual screenshot, I have already disabled the proxy. What on earth was this? It seems inconceivable that Windows 7 set this automatically. Must have been set by the company when they installed the operating system. So that cost me 1 hour of not being able to see the Internet, even though Windows said that I could.

Various hints I found may or may not have been useful in solving the problem, in addition to fixing this proxy. I was trying to connect via a Time Capsule, so it’s possible that installing the Airport Utility for Windows was helpful, although I can’t see how.

Still amazing that I can’t see the MAC address of a network adapter in Windows without without using the command line and

ipconfig /all

What this again underlines is that keeping the settings for the system and software in separate places (i.e. proxy under IE, network adapter settings under network) is fine, in principle. But not if you have embedded the web browser in the OS so deeply (IE) that this proxy stops a third program (Lightfield 64bit in my case) seeing the internet.


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