Nutt by name, eminently sensible by nature

David Nutt comments on the current state of knowledge in Neuroscience on The Life Scientific (BBC Radio 4 iPlayer; starting at 6’50 but probably worth listening to the whole thing).

“We don’t even know what we don’t know. You know, I am not entirely sure we even know the alphabet with which to write the questions about the brain. We are approaching the brain in a very structural and logical way with current technology but I’m still not sure that we’re addressing the questions, the fundamental questions because I’m not sure we know what these questions are.”

I find Jim al Khalili, the presenter of the Life Scientific (and a purveyor of quantum biology ) rather difficult to listen to. But David Nutt was a good guest and I thoroughly concur with his tentative attitude to our progress in neuroscience. This progress has been vast but we are dealing with the most complicated object that has likely ever existed…even following a welter of breakthroughs, it’s essential to remember that in some cases we don’t even know the question.


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