Bleepity Bleep! JHFC! Can Windows get worse? What depths would you like to plumb?

I have had it with Windows. I cannot stand this ridiculous cycle any more. From some cretinous corner of the Microsoft website

The software that you are about to download works with most browsers and enables Windows validation. Once installed, it will detect whether Windows is genuine and properly licensed. If needed, it will also attempt to repair Windows 7 licensing components that may have been damaged, moved, or deleted. From time to time, this software will also perform a validation check to make sure that Windows 7 running on your PC is genuine and stays that way.

C-ing, sh-ing f!!! JHFC!! I bought it. I paid good money for this piece of genuine (crap) and it has never worked properly. A few hours after installation, the updates to get Win7 up to date had failed. The solution offered: reinstall windows. I don’t have the rest of my life to install updates! I had to buy an extra piece of software to let me backup to a network drive. We have Home Premium, which has this option disabled – after all, what home has network attached storage! Am I ashamed of my poor judgement? You bet. I actually contributed funds that presumably will help this company to survive. I perpetuated the problem that is Microsoft.

Did I mention that the first validation tool is “no longer supported” and the one I just downloaded from the link above is now “Installing Update Package” with a cycling progress bar for about 10 minutes. The cancel button is greyed out. Now I tried to kill it, and Win7 is “searching for a solution”. JFC! JFC!! It’s bedtime! Give me back my bandwidth! Give me back the time I wasted on your problem, trying to get updates for your cripple of an OS.

It’s as if someone created a rough template for the most annoying, alienating experiences they could imagine, and then aggressively evolved this template against reasonable users to create the operating system-equivalent of a thick six-inch zinc nail through my eyeball.  I am growling. I would rip this stupid operating system to shreds if it were possible.

I ask all decent people to join me: Stop using Microsoft products. Switch to Mac, switch to Linux. Switch to OS/2 Warp for god’s sake. Dust down your PDP11. Switch to a handheld calculator or a digital watch. Use a pencil. Just stop right now, if you possibly can. Stop using them, and never purchase another item from this company. They should be (genuinely) put out of their misery.


5 thoughts on “Bleepity Bleep! JHFC! Can Windows get worse? What depths would you like to plumb?

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