BBI Airport “will open after summer break”

Yesterday, I warned a collaborator who will visit us soon that the day of her arrival could be interesting. That’s because she’s due to arrive in Berlin on 3rd June -the day that the new Berlin airport, Berlin Brandenburg International (BER) would open. Despite Germany’s reputation for organization, things could be expected to be quite chaotic.

Coincidentally, it was announced yesterday, in a press conference described by some as excruciating,  that the previously delayed €2.5 bn. mega-airport will be put back once more. The get-out is caution because some emergency systems don’t work. I bet that this is the least of the problems. The logistics of simultaneously closing two airports (the compact Tegel and Schönefeld sites) and opening a new one (on consecutive days) being the first and greatest.

Am I surprised? Not at all. Is it a case of Berlin bleibt Berlin? I hope not. Rather worryingly, no new date has been given for the opening. Willy Brandt begrüßt die Welt, aber wann?


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