Adobe Licensing Website

Today I had my first experience with the electronic download site from Adobe. Needless to say, it’s Adobe, so it’s overcomplicated, buggy and rather invasive. I must login as someone else, navigate around through countless contracts and licences to find our one, and then a separate page with many possible downloads, mostly aimed as Sysadmins. I’m not actually a sysadmin. No indication of how many licences we actually bought (I know the answer).

Despite looking modern, the website isn’t afraid to hark back to the golden years of the internet, helpfully advising that if you are downloading using a 56k modem, the 1.7Gb download (Illustrator 15.0) will take about 50 days. Of course, it’s 56k modems that made DVDs obsolete in the first place.

Another example of “Windows XP Nostalgia” comes following the download (about 3 minutes). The only way to get the installer to work is to first restart my iMac (running Mac OSX Lion)! Twice I failed to run the installer, because it asked me to insert the disk! The one thing I don’t have is a disk! This despite the installer dmg being mounted. However, at the end of the readme, the suggestion comes –

If you are having any issues with installing or uninstalling any of your Creative Suite applications, please try rebooting your system prior to contacting Support. For additional installation help, go to

I was worried because by default Lion opens all your old windows, but this didn’t seem to be the problem. Following a restart, the install went smoothly. One thing not to forget is that the installer can’t cope with SugarSync Manager running (it calls it ‘ShellExtLoader’).

Better than a disk? Well, in the end, yes. I have the disk image, and it won’t get left lying around, or stop being readable. And it didn’t have to be posted to me. If it hadn’t taken about a week to get the indication that this was our route to installation, it would have been really quick.


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