Goodbye Flash – not so fast

Well, I’m frustrated. I would like to give up Flash completely. But I can’t be giving up on NPR. I don’t live in the US any more, but I still love to listen to NPR. Usually I listen to Weekend Edition Saturday on a Sunday morning.

But I can’t, if I don’t have Flash. Why not? It seems strange, because NPR has an iPad app, and has, in their language:

optimized for the iPad to ensure that Flash-served assets are also available to iPad users“.

This means all audio can also be run on HTML5. They also have a webapp for Chrome, that uses HTML5 (presumably the same assets). However, the playlist function is broken, and you can’t click a single button to listen to an entire show. The Chrome app is apparently not under active development. Although it can be loaded in Firefox, it can’t be used.

At the moment, NPR seems to be in no-mans land. Relying on Flash for desktops when they already have everything in place to use only HTML5. The full switch over can’t come soon enough.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye Flash – not so fast

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