Firefox or Chrome?

I am currently testing ways to use the Internet without Flash. In so doing, I am trying different browsers. I tried Chrome when it was launched, but did not like to leave the search engine bar behind, mainly for Pubmed queries.

However, it isn’t hard at all to set up Chrome to query Pubmed as a custom search engine:

The fundamental plus is that Chrome is very fast, even if it lacks some of the nice features of Firefox. So, the question is, whether to leave Firefox behind. I have used Firefox since it was called Phoenix (and briefly, Firebird). It feels like I have never really used another browser. Firefox is the internet to me. But the logic I applied in order to use Firefox, was that it was comfortably the best browser available, even in beta. The more I use Google Chrome, the more I see that this isn’t really true any more.


One thought on “Firefox or Chrome?

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