The Real Slim SATA

Note: another seriously old piffle ARCHIVE POST from Feb 2010

Another day, another technical crisis. Well, not really. I built a really small PC for work. Except I didn’t get very far. At the moment, I can only get to the BIOS, so I have a rather expensive clock. Why? Well, the internal slim-DVD burner has a connector that isn’t easy to pick up. As usual, there were cables included for most of the components, including a SATA cable, for example, for the HDD. But the slim-SATA connector has no obvious equivalent in the the power connectors of the mainboard. One needs a slim-SATA adapter cable. So at the moment, I can’t install Windows, I can’t install software. I could find an external USB drive, but I didn’t want to go to that trouble. Little did I realise.

There are computer shops dotted all over Berlin. It is quite nice to be able to go round the corner and pick up a graphics card or power supply – I’ve done both whilst we’ve been here – so I try to support them. So, I decided to pick the cable up locally to expedite construction of the mini-marvel. I made quite a tour.

Media Markt – no sign at all. I did see a radio, yes just a radio, for 99 Eu though.
Schomedia, my local supplier on Danziger Strasse (didn’t have the power connector), Fuxdata -great name (Foxdata actually, rather than Destroysdata). These guys came through with a DVI connector in the past, and have a great vintage Mac display on Kastanienallee, but they are not open until 11am. So I had to pass.

After work, I tried:
K&M at Alex, who had sold their last cable during the afternoon (they have live online inventory). Now on backorder. That seemed cruel. Imagine Argos, but only for computers.
Saturn: same as MediaMarkt, a complete blank. But I did see an amusing ageing German rocker giving a public appearance. He looked a lot like Gary Bloke from “Celeb” in Private Eye. A loyal queue had formed, and a few bouncers lingered to give the impression of uncontrollable popularity. It seemed to be a forty-year anniversary of something. Wow, now I see that Loadsamoney made a film of it….

I gave in. I ordered direct from Techcase and bugger the postage. Let’s see how long it takes, but at least now, I won’t waste another second trudging around in the snow.

UPDATE: It was Peter Maffay!


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