The more Windows changes, the more it stays the same

This weekend has been fun. I gave my Macbook to a colleague and so I have ‘enjoyed’ WinXP for the last day or two. My son thanks me, as I have spent a lot more time with him than usual. Our old Toshiba is now sinking into treacle – there’s something wrong with the mainboard, I think. The quirks are amazing. Can use Firefox, but can’t login to gmail! Work that one out.

I also got to indulge my hobby of fixing other people’s computer problems. My neighbour has ‘upgraded’ to Windows 7. Of course, the only problem he has is that he can’t use his printer or scanner, and he can’t make his website any more. Little things.  We have a Canon scanner, and it has been problem free. But we haven’t changed OS! Now in Windows 7, the Canoscan Toolbox fails to find the scanner, even though Windows can find it. This is due to Canon; but the byzantine way that Windows layers hardware and software only confuses the problem. For a generic unknown USB device, Windows 7 puts an icon of an external hard drive with a micro-Question mark. So I end up asking my neighbour if his multi-function printer is also a hard drive!

As for bringing your old software with you….forget it! We fixed the printer though, and just gave up with the Toolbox. The embedded tool in Windows, whilst not as good, will probably be fine. The printer wasn’t too hard, we just had to find, and make sense of the driver files, and understand whether it was a 32-bit or 64-bit OS. It’s in the filename of the archive. EASY. Even though I spot these little things, I like that they are no longer part of everyday life, since I made the switch.

Why set everything up to be so hard?


2 thoughts on “The more Windows changes, the more it stays the same

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